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Your FREE Own You strategy session helps you:
 Understand actions needed to reach a higher level of performance
 Find more clarity and direction in your life
 Discover how to build more self confidence and willpower and how to be more productive
 Identify goals, obstacles and self-limiting beliefs and doubts that have held you back
 Discover and ignite your ultimate potential
See what past clients have to say...
“Patrick helped me score a new and fantastic professional opportunity! He helped me create and refine my resume, and his knowledge of the recruiting process helped me overcome some fears and hesitations related to the potential job change.”
- Travis, Account Manager
“My family probably has benefited just as much as I have. It has opened up opportunities in my business. It’s opened up opportunities in my family. This has been so wonderful for me because now I AM living my best life.”
- Mel, Hair Salon Owner
“I think his program is great for anybody, but parents for sure who are having trouble juggling everything – huge benefit!”
- Mike, Business Manager
“Working with Patrick has been the most important investment I could have made…I am so thrilled with his help that I am paying for my staff to work with him as well.”
- Alicia, Vet Clinic Owner
Meet Patrick
Professional EOS Implementer
Patrick Metzger, MS, CSCS, Pn1
Hello! My name is Patrick Metzger, and I was a teacher and coach for over 10 years before coming to the realization that I wasn't pleased with who I was becoming, the path I was on and how I was failing to reach a level of true high performance. I decided to leave behind a steady career and an unhappy self for who I was truly meant to be.

Let’s face it. Life can get complicated. Between balancing a career, family and life’s obligations, it’s easy to forget to stop and reflect on your personal well-being, goals and health. The craziness of a busy work and family life can quickly take over. You can end up losing direction and clarity, and even your self-identity along the way. Self-limiting doubts and a lack of confidence creep in, keeping you from going after your deepest goals and desires. You end up unhealthy, burnt out, and unhappy with yourself, never reaching the goals you had once envisioned for yourself.

As a Professional EOS Implementer and high performance coach and speaker, my mission is to partner with and support others in discovering and igniting their ultimate potential and highest performance. My passion is helping guide others get from where they currently are to where they want to be.

Don't wait any longer in creating the life you've always wanted and in becoming the high performer you knew you could become!
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