are you ready to save time, money and stress  by finally mastering meal planning?!
4-Course Meal Planning
Discover how to master meal planning in less than 60 minutes!
What You Will Learn In Just
4 Short Videos & Less than 60 Minutes TOTAL!
Course 1: Establishing Your Why
Learn why having clear goals, getting healthier and eating a broader diet will positively affect multiple areas of your life.
Course 2: Meal Options
Focus on expanding and categorizing meal options to prevent from getting bored with eating the same options repeatedly and to make healthier choices more common in your diet.
Course 3: Planning & Organization
Planning and organization of not just your meals, but calendars and events within your life, is vital in setting up your weekly meal plan to be a smashing success.
Course 4: Grocery Listing & Shopping
To finish up the 4-Course Meal Planning, you'll learn how to streamline and drastically shorten the amount of time spent on building out grocery lists and going grocery shopping.
Videos and Handouts for Each Course!
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Vet Clinic Owner
"Working with Patrick has been the single most important investment I could have made in my health and my children's health."
- Alicia W
Teacher and Coach
"I feel great, and I've very much enjoyed working with Patrick!"
- Jerry S
Hair Stylist
"Patrick's program is amazing! Feeling amazing and loving it! Thank you, Patrick!"
- Haley K
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